Risks Associated with Fistulotomy Surgery

An anal fistula is very painful and uncomfortable and you can’t wish away this problem, nor can you cure it with antibiotics. The only thing effective is a surgical treatment to mend your anorectal tissue with an aim to close the fistula tract. There is some risk associated with anal fistula surgery that must be considered before the surgery. You must consider all treatment options available and choose the one… Read More »

Laser treatment for Anal Fistula

An anal fistula is a small channel that is found between the end of the bowel and the skin near the anus. It occurs as a result of a previous or current anal abscess. Fistula has a tract of two openings – Internal opening into the anal canal and External opening by the skin of the buttocks. If the anal fistula is not cured on time, it may cause a… Read More »

How is an anal fistula diagnosed?

An anal fistula is a health condition involving the presence of fistula in the anal or rectal area that can be diagnosed based on the presenting symptoms and physical findings. There are also several diagnostic tests that can be used to confirm the location of fistula and guide treatment decisions. Physical Examination A physical examination involves an examination of the anus and surrounding area to find the signs of a… Read More »

Fibrin Glue Management for Anal Fistula

It is uncommon for an anal fistula to heal on its own. Mostly, a surgery is needed to treat the problem. The type and procedure of surgery depend on the classification and condition of the fistula. Treatment without surgery : The only non-surgical method to treat anal fistula that is currently in use is fibrin glue. In this procedure, your doctor will give you an injection of the special glue… Read More »

Diet Plan to Cure Anal Fistula

When the problem of Anal Fistula begins then people must start paying attention on their daily diet as diet plays a major role in treating a number of diseases. Though you have begin the treatment from the reputed doctor, but make sure you are taking the appropriate diet to cure the problem of Anal Fistula. High fiber diet is recommended to people who are suffering from fistula. Fiber helps a… Read More »

Vajrasana to Cure Fistula

Vajrasana is one of the best yoga asanas to make the digestion process easier and it also helps in case of gastrointestinal fistula. This yoga helps you to cure your fistula extremely efficiently. Apart from curing the fistula, this yoga also makes the practitioner strong enough to prevent the disease from coming back again. This yoga helps to relieve the stress on the digestive system of the body and improve the… Read More »

Uttanapadasana to Cure Fistula

Uttanapadasana is a popular yoga which is being practiced by the yogis across the world. This yoga helps to cure indigestion and strengthen the weak stomach. It is one of the practices that strengthen the core muscles of the body and do proper absorption of nutrients in the body. This pose is quite easy to practice and cure the fistula, so get ready to resolve the problem of fistula by… Read More »

Sirasana to Cure Fistula

The sirasana is one of the classic yoga which is based on the headstand. And it is probably the most popular yoga pose that is being practiced by the experienced people. In this yoga, the blood flows to the head and muscles of the upper body. It helps to strengthen those muscles and keeps the body fit. As it is an inversion pose, so it helps to cure the fistula… Read More »

Shavasana to Cure Fistula

Shavasana is one of the easiest poses of yoga Haasan’s that even a small child can do it. One just needs to lie down on the back and keep the mind relaxed and do the breathing exercises. This yoga asana will help the people to get rid of the stress and clear the mind and cure fistula. How to do Shavasana For this yoga, one just needs to pick the… Read More »