Uttanasana to Cure Fistula

Uttanasana is a yoga pose that focuses on inversion of the body in this position one can perfectly cure the fistula. This yoga enables the person to stretch the full body and improve the circulation of blood to the brain. It also helps people to strengthen the core muscles and relieves pressure on the heart, brain and third eye. As stress is one of the major cause of fistula, so… Read More »

Sarvangasana to Cure Fistula 

Sarvangasana is one of the best poses which is quite beneficial for all sorts of diseases. It strengthens the muscles and makes the spine more flexible. This yoga aasan helps to easily stretches out the stomach muscles and strengthens them. It is an inversion pose which is quite beneficial for curing fistula.  How To Do Sarvangasana: To do this yoga one needs to lie down on your back, make sure… Read More »

Kakasana to Cure Fistula

Kakasana is again a very typical position to cure Fistula. People may think to not to attempt it, though it is really tough to practice once you start practicing yoga, it is possible for you because the body becomes flexible. This yoga posture is also known as crow pose and only advanced practitioners can attempt it. One needs to learn the significant skill to do this pose without harming the… Read More »

How To Cure Fistula By Yoga

Fistula can be cured by yoga and there is no operation needed afterward. The yoga asanas help people to prevent the wounds that can be spread over the skin. When an abnormal passageway occurs inside the body then it causes a disease Fistula which connects with other separate passageways. For example, a hole develops that connects the vaginal passage with the anal one is known as a fistula.  In some… Read More »

Chakrasana to Cure Fistula

Chakrasana is one of the renowned and typical yoga aasans which is known for its benefits for the spine. The yoga enables the people to reduce stress and cure the fistula effectively. Though it seems like a very tough yoga, when you start practicing yoga then it would not be very tough. This yoga is also very beneficial for getting rid of menstrual cramps as well as improving the reproductive… Read More »

Adho Mukha Svanasana

The adho mukha svanasana is one of the best yoga position which is very easy and simple to act. It is an inversion pose the enables the person to work more on the core muscles and strengthen the body muscles. It is one of the best yoga poses which is very good for fistula and helps to cure it very easily.  How To Do Adho Mukha Svanasana To do the… Read More »

Anal Fistula

The anal fistula is a tunnel that runs from inside the anus. The hole of the body uses to get rid of solid waste and it is affected by an infection which didn’t heal in the right way in which it should be. The doctor can resolve the problem of anal fistula by repairing the fistula through the surgery.  What Causes It? Inside the anus, a number of several glands… Read More »

Causes of an Anal Fistula

In simple words, an abscess is a collection of pus which is very painful. It develops after a small gland inside the anus and it becomes infected with the bacteria. People who are facing the problem of immune deficiencies like HIV and AIDS, so they generally get into trouble due to abscesses. This disease can be treated with a course of antibiotics and also treat the infections caused by bacteria.… Read More »

How Can I Get Rid of Fistula?

Natural Treatment for Fistula in Ano People are turning towards herbal remedies or ayurvedic medicines these days as these are very safe, free from side effects and very convenient to use also. These are available at reasonable cost and can be afford easily. Natural treatment for anal fistula getting popular day by day as many people around the world are suffering from such a painful condition and are scared of… Read More »

Can We Cure Fistula Without Surgery?

It depends… Fistulas are abnormal communication between two epithelial surfaces such as bowel to skin or urinary tract to skin and such. Sinuses are tracts that drain a cavity or a blind tract. A tad bit different. The following are factors that impede fistula healing can be remembered using the acronym FRIENDS. F – Foreign body R – Radiation I – Infection E – Epitheliazation N – Neoplasia D – Distal obstruction S – Short segment Foreign body… Read More »