Shavasana to Cure Fistula

By | July 3, 2018

Shavasana is one of the easiest poses of yoga Haasan’s that even a small child can do it. One just needs to lie down on the back and keep the mind relaxed and do the breathing exercises. This yoga asana will help the people to get rid of the stress and clear the mind and cure fistula.

Shavasana yoga to cure Fistula

Shavasana Pose

How to do Shavasana

For this yoga, one just needs to pick the hard flat surface and lie on the back without a pillow.

Now place the arms on either side of your body.

Now keep the feet about a foot apart and count the breathing for 10 minutes.

Just practice it on a regular basis and it eventually helps you to cure the fistula and get relaxed. This yoga will not only help you to get rid of fistula only, but it even helps the practitioner to be fit and strong enough to fight against numerous diseases.