Sirasana to Cure Fistula

By | July 3, 2018

The sirasana is one of the classic yoga which is based on the headstand. And it is probably the most popular yoga pose that is being practiced by the experienced people. In this yoga, the blood flows to the head and muscles of the upper body. It helps to strengthen those muscles and keeps the body fit. As it is an inversion pose, so it helps to cure the fistula in the easiest manner. It also helps to relieve the stress and make the stress go away.

Sirasana yoga to cure fistula

Sirasana Pose

How to do the Sirasana

  • While practicing the Sirasana yoga, make sure you take care of your head especially in the beginning.
  • Being a beginner, practice it near a wall from which you can take the support.
  • Firstly kneel on the floor and keep face towards the wall.
  • Now try to make a triangle and place your head in front of the interlocked fingers, so that your fingers are in contact with the back of your head.
  • Now try to shift the weight of your body to the arms and head and keep the back to the wall.
  • Lift the legs and line them with the wall and make sure not to bend the knees.
  • One just needs to stay in this position for 15 seconds and get relaxed.

Practice this yoga at home and eventually, it will help you to get rid of the problem of fistula. The daily practice will also keep the body fit, lean and strong enough to fight against various diseases.