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Sirasana to Cure Fistula

The sirasana is one of the classic yoga which is based on the headstand. And it is probably the most popular yoga pose that is being practiced by the experienced people. In this yoga, the blood flows to the head and muscles of the upper body. It helps to strengthen those muscles and keeps the body fit. As it is an inversion pose, so it helps to cure the fistula… Read More »

Shavasana to Cure Fistula

Shavasana is one of the easiest poses of yoga Haasan’s that even a small child can do it. One just needs to lie down on the back and keep the mind relaxed and do the breathing exercises. This yoga asana will help the people to get rid of the stress and clear the mind and cure fistula. How to do Shavasana For this yoga, one just needs to pick the… Read More »

Uttanasana to Cure Fistula

Uttanasana is a yoga pose that focuses on inversion of the body in this position one can perfectly cure the fistula. This yoga enables the person to stretch the full body and improve the circulation of blood to the brain. It also helps people to strengthen the core muscles and relieves pressure on the heart, brain and third eye. As stress is one of the major cause of fistula, so… Read More »