The procedure of Laser Surgery to Cure Anal Fissure

By | September 28, 2018

An anal fissure is basically a crack in the anal lining that can be treated with simple medicines and solutions like a diet to prevent constipation, proper personal hygiene, laxative usage, and a hot sitz bath etc.  Anal fissures may be chronic or complicated when it does not respond to treatments. Researchers say that chronic anal fissures would not respond to traditional treatments and thus would interrupt healing.

In modern studies, there have been results with the treatment of acute and chronic anal fissures with the accompanying method of Laser Photocoagulation. The diseased and damaged tissues were evaporated and coagulated with the formation of a coagulation film on the surface of the sore. The histological findings of bioptic materials from the zones exposed to the laser photocoagulation have shown the complete dissolution of the affected tissues.

The procedure is simple and economical in the treatment of anal tissues. This assures levels of improvement with immediate results, as well as a minimal frequency of a recurrence. This technique of treatment can be introduced to outpatient surgical practice and will acquire the best results. In this procedure, anal dilatation is done with a two-valved anoscope under local anesthesia. The procedure is free of discharges or defective continence such as transient or permanent. The believed drawbacks of this practice include the facts that limited information about this technique is available to the public and it will be incompetent for us to say that it is 100% reliable.

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