Vajrasana to Cure Fistula

By | July 3, 2018

Vajrasana is one of the best yoga asanas to make the digestion process easier and it also helps in case of gastrointestinal fistula. This yoga helps you to cure your fistula extremely efficiently. Apart from curing the fistula, this yoga also makes the practitioner strong enough to prevent the disease from coming back again. This yoga helps to relieve the stress on the digestive system of the body and improve the tract along with both metabolism and digestion. This yoga can be easily done by the beginner. People can even combine this yoga asana with the pranayama for further healing of fistulas. 

Vajrasana yoga to cure fistula

Vajrasana Pose

How To Do The Vajrasana

To practice this yoga, one needs a hard and flat surface which is away from distraction

Now fold your legs underneath in such a way that your calves come underneath and parallel to the thighs. 

Now make sure to sit straight in such a way that the chin is parallel to the ground. 

Make sure to stay in this position for 60 seconds and then relax.

Practice this yoga in every morning and get free from the problem of fistula easily. 

This yoga will definitely bring you an effective result, so practice it on daily basis and cure the problem of its root cause and live life amazingly.