What can be the Tools used by a Proctologist?

By | September 19, 2018

A proctologist is one of the trained medical professionals who deal with the rectum, anus, and colon related problems carefully. They just don’t analyze the right problems, but also offers the right treatments thereof.

Is it possible to work without tools!! Of course, Proctologist does have some medical tools to examine the various parts of the rectum or anal area. These tools are:-

  • Anoscope:- It is a 4-6 inch plastic or metal tube which is used to inspects the internal part of the anus. this generally helps to examine the hemorrhoids, Anal Fissures, Anal Fistula or rectal Polyps etc.
  • Rectoscope: It is quite similar to Anascope. It is an 8-10 inches plastic or metal tube which is generally used to inspect the lower portion of the sigmoid colon.
  • Proctoscope: Again it is just like the Anascope with having the length of 6-8 inch and made of Metal or plastic. It is used to examine the upper portion of the anal canal.
  • Sigmoidoscope: It is used to examine or inspect the lower third portion of the colon or rectum to know the signs of cancer or polyps. It can be viewed as the light thin flexible short tube.
  • Colonoscope: It is similar to the sigmoidoscope which is longer than the sigmoidoscope. It is used to inspect the entire colon. This also helps to remove the polyps.
  • Fecal Occult Blood Test: This is used to check for the blood present in the stool. This can be done using chemical or antibodies.

These are the common tools available with the proctologist to analyze the various rectum, anal and colon related problems. Proctologist deal with the organs which are involved with removing the waste toxins from the human body. To be a proctologist can never be an easy job as it requires sensitivity, compassion and deep understanding of the Human lower body parts. They are the only one who works as the bridge while formulating the primary care & colorectal surgery. They have to deal with the various problems such as pain, gender, itching, incontinence, and associated anal problems while treating the patients. So it is always recommended to have the professional proctology tools to become a successful proctologist.

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